Robotics Course For Kids

Course Duration: 9 Months Certificate from STEMON JAPAN

Course Details

Student Eligibility: Class 3 to Class 10 kids (***Must need to have basic computer operating knowledge)Campus Location:

  • Dhanmondi Branch
  • Gulshan Branch (Head Office)

Student Capacity:
➢ Minimum 8 students per batch
➢ Maximum 10 students per batch

Course Instructors: Mainly Bangladeshi CSE/EEE Graduate Engineers (Teachers) will take the classes who are trained from STEMON JAPAN

Unique Features of us:

  • Robotics kits imported directly from Japan
  • Teachers trained up from Japan
  • All necessary equipment are provided by us including laptop, robot kits etc.
  • Certificate issued from Japan
  • Individual Care to each student as the student number per class is small
  • End of the level PTA meeting to discuss kid's progress
  • Daily Feedback Reporting to parents (paper based)

What we offer to the students:
❖ Hands on Robot making experience
❖ Programming those Robots on their own to operate using Studuino
❖ Small Games & Animation making through Blocks Programming using Scratch tool
❖ Incorporating STEM knowledge in Robot making in a Fun way
❖ Building up Math, Physics/Engineering knowledge through Coding
❖ Enhancing kid’s logical thinking, brain storming, analytical skills
❖ Boosting kid’s self-confidence through improving their creativity & presentation skill

Class Duration & Days: 2 hour per class & 1 day per week (Saturday Only)
Available Timings:
Saturday – 10am-12pm
Saturday – 3pm-5pm

Admission Fee: 500tk (need to pay to confirm the admission, non-refundable)
Course Fee: 5000tk BDT per month

*** All payments are Non-refundable
***On the day of the 1st class student must have to bring 5000tk with them as the 1st month’s fee. If student likes the class & decides to continue then after the class before leaving the campus, must have to complete the payment & fill up the Course Registration Form (hard copy), otherwise can't join the 2nd class.
***Siblings/Cousins/Group waiver & Reference discounts are available (conditions apply***)

Course Duration: 9 months in total which includes-
▪ 3 levels (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
▪ 3 months duration for each level
▪ 12 classes per level
***After every 4 class, you’ll have to pay for the next month.

Course Curriculum: Course Outline details are added at the end of this document.

Payment Details:
1. Bkash: 01847198880 (Merchant Number, Please select the option "Make Payment")
2. Nagad: 01847198880 (Merchant Number, Please select the option "Merchant Pay")
***While paying please mention the student's name in the Reference
3. Online Payment from our website using your card:
4. Cash Payment: you can also pay in cash by visiting any of our branch physically.

Admission Procedure:
Please “PAY THE ADMISSION FEE FIRST” via any of the above channel, then fill up the “Admission Form” to confirm your kid’s admission.

Admission Form Link:
***This is the initial form for admission, after the 1st class when you confirm your kid’s continuation by paying the 1st month’s fee, then you MUST have to fillup the “Course  Registration Form (hard copy)” in your designated branch.


Stemon BD Offline Robotics with Programming Course Outline
Course Duration: 9 months in total
Total Level: 3 levels (3 months on each level)
At the end of each level, they have to create their own project and give a presentation. Based
on that they will be provided with a Certificate issued from STEMON JAPAN along with
Feedback sheet from teachers & also will be promoted to the next level.

1st (Basic) Level Topics:
Duration: 3 months
Total Lecture: 12
What they will learn: (Tentative)

  • Introduction
  • Basic 2D, 3D figure construction
  • Robot building
  • LED Programming
  • DC Motor Programming
  • Car making
  • Traffic Light Making
  • Worm robot making using motor
  • System architecture design, Assembling
  • Basic programming with Scratch
  • Web page design with HTML
  • Touch Sensor Programming

2nd (Intermediate) Level Topics:
Duration: 3 months
Total Lecture: 12
What they will learn: (Tentative)


❖ Advance project using motor
❖ Construction of mechanical robot
❖ Photo reflector and motor programming
❖ Random robot building
❖ Dancing robot making
❖ Creative assembling and programming
❖ Original game making using scratch
❖ Magic hand building
❖ Line tracer robot making

3rd (Advanced) Level Topics:
Duration: 3 months
Total Lecture: 12
What they will learn: (Tentative)
➢ Transport Robot Making
➢ Line follower car making
➢ Introduction to Microbit
➢ Car race
➢ Microbit - Sensor Processing
➢ Balance Game
➢ Parallel processing
➢ Retro Game
➢ Robot Arm Making
➢ Scratch Advanced Programming

***Contents are subject to change/rearrange based on necessity by the teachers or
management from JAPAN.