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Kids Engineering With Arduino

3 Months Duration

Certification from Stemon Japan

This course is available for students from class 6 to 10.


( Per Month )


Class Duration: 2 hours per class

Class Day: Friday

Course Instructors: Mainly Bangladeshi Teachers will take the classes who are trained from STEMON JAPAN.

Course Duration: 3 months

Stemon Arduino Course for Kids

For Class 6 to 10:

What will they learn: (Tentative)

● Introduction to the world of Arduino

● Conventional Pure Programming

● How Electronic Hardware Devices Work

● How Technology is made through electronic Hardware

● Will Explore different types of sensors & their updated modules as well

● Exploring other Motors and how to use them with modules and sensors

● Learning about secondary components used to make Primary Intermediate Level


Benefits of this course:

● Project Building with Pure Programming

● Identifying Hardware

● Learning to Solve Problems by Elimination Method

● Brainstorming

● Analytical Thinking

● Collaboration with other Kids

● Learn Engineered methods for building systems and Projects

Who is this course suitable for?

This course suits older high school students interested in robotics or advanced students who have completed our earlier courses.

Level Duration: 3 months

Total Lecture: 12

1st Level Topics: (All the codes of these lessons are limited to 40 lines. Easy and functional designs.)

Arduino: Basics

1. Introduction to the World of Arduino

2. Freshman Tour of Hardware Origins

3. Blinker & Tinker(Traffic Lights)

4. Let’s Play With Sensors-LDR, LED & Buzzers

5. Let’s Play With Sensors-Ultrasonic/Sonar sensor, IR sensor(Obstacle Avoidance Sensor)

6. Let’s Play With Sensors-Flame sensor, Smoke, and Gas sensor

7. Let’s Play With Sensors- DHT-11, Water sensor, Moisture sensor, Temperature sensor

8. LCD with I2C(2X16,4X16)

9. Lesson 7 Buttons & Digits

10. Motors, Servo, and Fans

*Contents are subject to change/rearrangement based on necessity by the teachers or management from JAPAN.

The leading after-school program for kids to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects.

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