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12 Months Duration

Certification from Stemon Japan

This course is available for students from class 8 to 12.


( Per Month )


From class 8 to class 12 Kids can join this program (An age above 13 years is preferable). All they need to have is a Laptop/PC & good internet connection.

***This is an ADVANCED level programming course for those Kids who have good knowledge of Mathematics, English & Computers.


Stemon Online ADVANCED Programming Course Outline (Tentative)

For Class 8 to 12:

Course Duration: 1 year (12 months in total)

Total Level: 4 (3 months on each level)

At the end of each level, they have to create their own project and give a presentation. Based on that they will be provided with a Certificate issued from STEMON JAPAN along with a Feedback sheet from teachers & also will be promoted to the next level. 

1st Level Topics: 

Duration: 3 months

Total Lecture: 24

What they will learn: (Tentative)

  • Introduction to Scratch Programming
  • Logical reasoning (Condition) in Scratch.
  • HTML Introduction
  • Creating own website Using HTML and CSS.
  • Basic JavaScript Programming-
  • Introduction
  • Print function 
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditional Statement
  • Different Area Calculation Methods
  • Creating Converters (Temperature, Length, Time, Mass) 

2nd Level Topics:

Duration: 3 months

Total Lecture: 24

What they will learn: (Tentative)

  • Basic Python Programming-
  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Basic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Making Converters
  • Randomization
  • Lists 
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Problem-Solving
  • Small and Large Game Project

3rd Level Topics:

Duration: 3 months

Total Lecture: 24

What they will learn: (Tentative)

  • Intermediate Python Programming-
  • Quick Revision of Python syntax
  • Advanced Functions: Returning Values
  • Nested Functions to perform Complex tasks
  • Making a calculator
  • Scope: Number Guessing Game
  • Setting up your local development environment
  • Making Games: Basic Theory
  • Installing and Setting Up Pygame
  • Shooting Range Game
  • More fun with Python: Advanced loops and functions
  • Personal Game Project

4th Level Topics:

Duration: 3 months

Total Lecture: 24

What they will learn: (Tentative)

  • Advanced Python Programming-
  • Advanced Programming Concept: Object-Oriented Programming
  • More Object Oriented Programming
  • Sample project: Designing your own Objects
  • Modifying Object Attributes 
  • Calling Methods
  • Creating your own class
  • Python GUI
  • Snake Game
  • Hangman Game

***Contents are subject to change based on necessity by the teachers or management from JAPAN.

Class Duration: 1 hour per class

Class Days: 2 days per week (Friday & Saturday)

Course Duration: 1 year (4 levels, 3 months each)

Course Instructors: Bangladeshi Teachers will take the classes who are trained from STEMON JAPAN.

Admission Fee: 500tk

Course Fee: 3500tk BDT per month

Admission Procedure

Please fill up the admission form first with a valid Email Id. We will send you the student portal details soon in that email. 

Admission Form Link: https://forms.gle/mTPDFqkkHSMH2cy4A

Pay the admission fee 500 BDT.


Payment Link: https://stemon.com.bd/pay

You can pay using VISA/MASTER Card, bKash, Rocket, or Nagad. 

For more details information & also for Registration, please call 01886329396, 01850055320 (Sun-Thurs, 10 am-6 pm only)

Website: https://stemon.com.bd/

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