About Stemon

STEMON is the most emerging Japan- based after school program for kids to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects.
We conduct classes that teaches robotics and programming to children through a curriculum which was made using the MIT-created program Scratch.
We aim to develop children’s learning ability through the use of advanced technology and block materials.

Our Activity

Robotics | Programming | STEM


We teach children robot control and gaming through Scratch (developed by MIT). It makes up 25% of our curriculum.


To learn Robot control and Gaming by using Scratch(developed by MIT)


Our curriculum contains 10% of robotics which is designed to teach motor and sensor control with the help of robotic kits.


To learn the principle of Physics and basics of engineering.


We teach children the STEM subjects through programming and block materials.


To learn number, three-dimensional, relations of distance and speed, etc.

Who we are

Bijoy Jabbar
Bijoy JabbarCo-Founder, BiMee
Yoriko Ueda
Yoriko UedaCEO, Venturas

Our Amazing Team

Nazia Hossain
Nazia HossainSenior Executive, Business Development
Obaidullah Supto
Obaidullah SuptoSenior Instructor
Rajan Karmaker
Rajan KarmakerSenior Instructor
Maliha Naz Zarin
Maliha Naz ZarinSenior Instructor
Yuki Imai
Yuki Imai Instructor
Yui Ohashi
Yui OhashiInstructor
Ryo Sakai
Ryo SakaiInstructor
Abrar Tazwar Aziz
Abrar Tazwar Aziz Instructor
Aysha Akter
Aysha AkterMarketing Executive
Tajrian Mahbub
Tajrian MahbubInstructor
Mariya Begg
Mariya BeggInstructor
Chiwei He
Chiwei HeInstructor
Rina Sakurai
Rina SakuraiInstructor
Hana Kono
Hana KonoInstructor
Kento Kuroda
Kento KurodaInstructor
Sayaka Ishikawa
Sayaka IshikawaInstructor
Johora Tanjin Intia
Johora Tanjin IntiaInstructor
Shish Mohammed Khan (Anindo)
Shish Mohammed Khan (Anindo)Instructor
Shifat Jahan Shama
Shifat Jahan ShamaInstructor
Md. Eyamin Bin Aman
Md. Eyamin Bin AmanInstructor
Mustahidul Islam Chowdhury
Mustahidul Islam ChowdhuryInstructor
Umme Jannat Taposhi
Umme Jannat TaposhiInstructor
Saumik Tanveer Khan
Saumik Tanveer KhanInstructor
Sanzida Akter
Sanzida AkterInstructor